who we are

Tommy Morin



Tommy Morin, at one time was half of the 80's-90's comedy team of Caito and Morin, originally from RI. After accepting Jesus as his Savior Tommy took a hiatus from stand up comedy. Now returning with a style of preaching and story telling humor like no other. His goal is to bring people together to discuss what it means to be a person of faith.

God has allowed him to use humor in bringing the message of Hope. It's seriously funny. Lord knows we need it. Tommy preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ through out New England.

Mike Cronin



Mike Cronin has been doing stand up comedy on and off for over 30 years. After a successful run in the 1990's as “The Bad Boy of Comedy” Mike took some time off from stand up.

It was during this time that Mike’s Pastor, Pastor Mike Caparrelli told him “the gift you have to make people laugh is not yours. It’s God’s, and God gave it to you” From there Mike moved from secular comedy to Christian comedy. "Before I made the switch to Christian comedy it was about me. Now it’s all about God and spreading the gospel of Jesus through laughter and hope!" Mike serves as a Deacon at Sacred Exchange Fellowship Church.

Mary Ellen Rinaldi

Christian comedian Mary Ellen Rinaldi

 Mary Ellen Rinaldi has been performing stand up comedy through out New England for over 30 years. Mary Ellen is the founder of  Comedy and Conversation for Christian Women.   

Mary Ellen's testimony of  God's mercy and grace will inspire and give hope to those who have family members who find themselves in hopeless situations and circumstances.

Michael A. Caparrelli. PhD, ABD

Dr. Caparrelli is a sought-out speaker for men’s conferences, Teen Challenge Substance Abuse Recover

 Dr. Caparrelli is a sought-out speaker for men’s conferences, Teen Challenge Substance Abuse Recovery Conventions, prisons, universities and churches of all denominations and sizes. His teachings have uplifted and transformed those in recovery from addictions and a host of psychiatric issues such as depression, anxiety and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. His non-profit organization, UNMUTED, is geared towards giving those who were victimized by traumatic experiences their voices back.